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Washington State University
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Cornelius F. Ivory Faculty Page

The Gene and Linda Voiland
School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
1505 Stadium Way, Room 105
P.O. Box 646515
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6515

Office: (509) 335-4332
FAX: (509) 335-4806

1980 Princeton University, Ph.D. Chemical Engng
1976 Princeton University, Master of Arts in Chemical Engng
1974 University of Notre Dame, B.S. Chemical Engng

Distinguished User, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence-Berkeley National Lab, 09/06 – present
Councilor, American Electrophoresis Society, 10/05 – present
Senior Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Center, U. New Mexico, 05/05 – present
Associate Director, NIH Predoctoral Program in Biotechnology 9/01 – present
Sabbatical Leave at University of Delaware, 9-12/03
Washington State University 1989-present

ChE 334: Chemical Engineering Separations
ChE 433: Undergraduate Unit Operations Lab
ChE 435: Modern Separation Processes
ChE 475: Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
ChE 541: Chemical Engineering Analysis.
ChE 574: Protein Biotechnology
ChE 561: Downstream Processing
ChE 596: Research Methods I.
ChE 597: Research Methods II
ChE 598: Research Seminar

Biological Separations: Electrophoresis and Electrochromatography
Protein Transport in Ion Exchange Resins: Ann-Marie Hardin
Dynamic Field Gradient Focusing: Jeff Burke
Fast Preparative Isoelectric Focusing: Danny Bottenus
Preparative Field-Gradient Focusing: Noah Tracy
Micropreparative Purification of Protein Isoforms:
Isotachophoresis (ITP)
Membrane Separations: Electro-Ultrafiltration
Process Stability: Hydrodynamic and electrical instabilities

Program Co-Chair, American Electrophoresis Society, CEPharm Meeting, Jersey City, 10/06
Outstanding Researcher, School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Program Co-Chair, American Electrophoresis Society, 11/03 National Meeting in San Francisco
Associate Director, NIH Predoctoral Program in Biotechnology 9/01 – present
Editorial Board, Separation Science and Technology, 1997-present
Outstanding Teacher Award, WSU Department of Chemical Engineering, 1990
Editorial Advisory Board, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1990
Special Issue Editor, Separation Science and Technology, 1988
National Program Committee Chair, Industrial & Engng. Chem. Div., ACS, 1987-1990.

BOOK CHAPTERS (Since 1999).
Alternative Focusing Techniques, Ivory, C. F., in the Handbook of Isoelectric Focusing and Proteomics, S. Ahuja and D. Garfin, eds., CRC Press 2005

Chapter 9: “Electrophoresis of Proteins: Batch and Continuous Methods, in
The Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology: Fermentation, Biocatalysis and Bioseparations,
M. Flickinger and S. Drew, eds., John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1999

RECENT PUBLICATIONS. (Full Curriculum Vitae PDF)
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Ivory Science Cover
Science Vol 238, Issue 4823 02 October 1987
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