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Research of Hongfei Lin: News

Research News

July, 2018

Research Featured as Front Cover of ChemSusChem

Cover of ChemSusChem Magazine, July 2018 with graphic of synergistic catalysisJuly 2, 2018: Coupling Glucose Dehydrogenation with CO2 Hydrogenation by Hydrogen Transfer in Aqueous Media at Room Temperature (ChemSusChem 13/2018)

November, 2017

Mr. Cheng Zhang Joins Research Team

Nov 19, 2017: Mr. Cheng Zhang joined our group as the visiting student from the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Fudan University. Welcome!

Keynote Lecture in Hangzhou, China

Nov 19, 2017: Dr. Lin delivered a keynote speech entitled “Biphasic Catalytic Process for Renewable Fuel Production” in the 1st International Symposium of Biomass Utilization Technology at Hangzhou, China.

Article Published in Molecules

Nov 30, 2017: An invited review article entitled “Nanoparticle/Metal–Organic Framework Composites for Catalytic Applications: Current Status and Perspective” was published in the journal, Molecules, doi:10.3390/molecules22122103. Dr. Lin is the co-corresponding author.

October, 2017

Dr. Lin Presents Lecture at Auburn University

Dr. Lin was invited to present, “The Role of Liquid-phase Catalysis in Production of Renewable fuels and Chemicals,” at the Samuel Gin College of Engineering Chemical Engineering Distinguished Seminar Series. View Seminar Series flyer.

Renewable Jet Fuel Research Highlighted in Multiple Publications

Dr. Lin’s team at Washington State University and a team at the University of Nevada have developed a novel process for synthesizing dense jet fuel from mint, pine, gumweed, eucalyptus or other plants.

The researchers’ work was recently published in the journal Green Chemistry and has been picked up by multiple publications.

View full article at WSU News

View article at Biomass Magazine

View article at Green Car Congress

December 21st, 2016 (Dr. Lin invited to join journal advisory board)

Dr. Lin has been named to the International Advisory Board for the journal, Energy Technology.