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Washington State University
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Steve’s Best Practices for Zoom Recordings

  • Navigate to, press sign-in, and enter your WSU network ID and password 
  • Select “Settings” from the pane on the left
    Zoom Options Highlighting Settings






  • Select “Recording” from the pane at the top 
    Recording Option Highlighted


  • Some Recommended Settings:
    • Local Recording -> DISABLE (on by default). Allows individuals to make their own recordings
    • Cloud Record -> ENABLE (on by default)
    • ****Record active speaker with shared screen -> ENABLE. The recording will be mostly the shared content with the presenter’s video in the top corner.
    • ****Record gallery view with shared screen -> DISABLE. This records the shared content and all participant video.
    • ****Record active speaker, gallery view, and shared screen separately -> DISABLE. This records all three separately and makes distribution of the video more difficult
    • Record an audio only file -> DISABLE. I don’t see much use in this outside of very specific use-cases.
    • ****Save chat messages from the meeting/webinar -> DISABLE. This simply saves a text file with the chat. This doesn’t get embedded in the shared video.
    • Advanced cloud recording options
      • Add a timestamp to the recording -> DISABLE. Takes up real estate on the video.
      • ****Display participants’ names in the recording -> DISABLE. This ensures students’ names are not embedded in the video
      • Record thumbnails when sharing -> Enable. This takes a screenshot of the shared content and uses it as the video thumbnail.
      • Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor -> Disable. Unless you are planning to do editing, this just increases the time until the video is available.
      • Audio Transcript -> Enabled. This provides an automatically generated transcript of the video. You need to check the transcript to ensure nothing unwanted is included.
      • ****Save panelist chat to the recording -> DISABLE. This setting will embed the chat alongside the video if enabled.

Zoom Options with options selected










  • Other recommended settings:
    • Automatic recording -> DISABLE. This ensures any chatter at the beginning of class isn’t captured.
    • ****Only authenticated users can view cloud recordings -> ENABLE. Just like meeting ID’s, video URLs can be guessed. This ensures only those logged into the zoom system can access the videos.
    • ****Recording Disclaimer -> ENABLE. This broadcasts a disclaimer that the video is being recorded. The recording starts AFTER the disclaimer is broadcasted
    • ****Multiple audio notifications of recorded meetings -> Enable. This plays a disclaimer each time a participants joins, even if it is multiple time. Only the participant will hear the notification.