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The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Conversion Program

Students with a BS in chemistry or other scientific field who desire to obtain an advanced degree in Chemical Engineering are encouraged to consider the conversion program. This program enables such students to obtain a chemical engineering advanced degree with a minimal amount of extra effort.

The Conversion program is designed to accommodate individuals possessing degrees in chemistry. However, the program can also accommodate students with degrees in other scientific/engineering disciplines on an individual basis. We can accomodate individuals possessing degrees in chemistry, however, deficiencies in other disciplines will need to be satisfied for proper progress through the program. Students seeking advanced degrees should complete the equivalent of the following undergraduate courses.

Students seeking to complete an advanced chemical engineering degree via this conversion program may be eligible for financial assistance (RA/TA appointment) once she/he has completed at least 9 credits of chemical engineering undergraduate coursework from among the courses listed below. Such an appointment is, however, not guaranteed and would be subject to normal departmental policies. For example, students seeking such appointments would need to have grades and skills similar to those held by others who are offered financial assistance.

Undergraduate Courses That Satisfy Deficiencies
Math 315 Differential Equations Chem 345 Organic Chemistry I
Phys 201 Physics for Engineers I Phys 202 Physics for Engineers II
Chem 331 Physical Chemistry Chem 335 Classical Physical Chemistry
ChE 201 Chem Process Principles & Calcs ChE 310 Intro to Transport Processes
ChE 321 Kinetics and Reactor Design ChE 332 Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer
ChE 334 Chemical Engineering Separations  
Postdoc Shaoqu Xie working in Dr. Hongfei Lin's lab
Postdoc Shaoqu Xie working in Dr. Hongfei Lin’s lab