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The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Graduate Student Support

Graduate students in good standing who are seeking degrees through the Voiland School are generally provided financial support through assistantships (RA and/or TA), scholarships, fellowships, and/or traineeships. Support includes full tuition and a monthly living allowance. In addition, we often provide gradaute scholar awards, Fellowships, or scholarships that enhance the stipend for outstanding students, US citizens pursuing a PhD or students who are qualified due to other special circumstances. Restrictions generally apply to these enhancements, so we encourage you to ask if you qualify.

Most often, graduate support funds are provided as tuition and a monthly stipend. Occasionally, however, we provide the equivalent amount via scholarship or other fellowship funds that are paid as a lump at the start of the semester. Since students usually take some vacation time, the standard WSU stipend covers 11 of 12 months. However, it is possible individuals may work with a professor who will provide support above the base stipend and/or for the twelfth month from grant funds. All students will be expected to reside in the State of Washington while attending WSU. For students who are citizens of the United States, the nonresident portion of your tuition is guaranteed for one year only, so we recommend that you apply for and be granted Washington State residency. The standard stipend for PhD and MS students is outlined below.

PhD Students

Those we admit to the Ph.D. program receive financial support for the duration of their studies, provided they are making satisfactory progress. The base stipend offer for the 11 months, including summer, is estimated at $21,791. The tuition for the academic year (estimated at $10,890 resident, and $23,794 nonresident) will be covered from departmental sources, except for an amount (roughly $928/semester) is required of all graduate students. If enrolled, summer tuition, (roughly $500/credit), will also be paid from departmental sources, except for student and activity fees (roughly $225) required of all graduate students. Health insurance is also provided to graduate research assistants on appointment.

MS Students

Financial support is provided to those seeking an MS degree only in exceptional, rare circumstances. When such support is provided, it is guaranteed support for two semesters plus one summer. Beyond that, if a student is making satisfactory progress, support is usually provided for an additional semester. Because of the nature of research at the Master’s level, we anticipate that three semesters and a summer should be enough time to complete the M.S. degree. The academic year appointment pays approximately $1,981.00 per month, some of which may be provided as an RA from research grant/contract funds, or as a TA in exchange for instructional duties, such as a traineeship, or as scholarship funds. Each student will also receive an academic year tuition waiver and medical insurance (roughly $1981.00/year). All students are required to pay a service/activity/building fee (estimated at $928.00/semester).