A story published on April 8 by CNNMoney reported the results of the most recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The article was entitled “Best-paying college major: engineering”. It notes that “Majors in the engineering field dominated the association’s list of top-paying degrees for the class of 2011, with four of the top five spots going to engineering major… Chemical engineers were offered the highest starting salaries this year—an average of $66,646.” Average chemical engineering salaries exceed the average salary of the next highest major, mechanical engineering, by more than 10%. This analysis illustrates the tremendous national need for chemical engineers. The need in WA is even greater, given the breadth of industries that rely on chemical engineering expertise. Such industries include, for example, cleanup and clean energy companies clustered around the Hanford site in southeast WA, the petroleum refineries in northwest WA, airplane brake manufacturers in Spokane, and polysilicone for solar energy in Moses Lake. Chemical Engineers are needed throughout the nation and state. See the full article at CNNMoney for a more detailed analysis.