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Washington State University
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

2000 Alumni Awardee

Paul Hohenschuh (BS, ChemEng, 1964; MS, ChemEng, 1969)

V.P. Manufacturing & Engineering (retired)
Genentech, Inc.

What was your favorite CEA class?

Unit Operations Labs

Who was your favorite CEA professor?

Dr. George Austin

What is your fondest WSU memory?

Close friendships in both Chemical Engineering and in my living group, Gannon Hall.

Who is your Engineering Hero?

Linus Pauling, B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Oregon State. A great example of where the ChE degree can take you; for Linus Pauling—Nobel prizes in Chemistry and Peace. A man who continuously reinvented himself.

What tool or gadget do you use most often throughout the day?

E-mail, cell phone, “books-on-CDs…” I know, it already sounds “old-fashioned!”

What keeps you focused?

Family! Three teenagers, two grown children and six grandchildren, and an extremely career-engaged spouse.

What is your inspiration?

Bob Swanson and Herb Boyer, co-founder of Genentech (and in many ways the biotechnology industry), are two incredible men with a vision of what might be possible and the drive/leadership to “make it happen.”

Why are you on the Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Advisory Board?

It gives me an opportunity to give back to my department, school, university, which has meant so much to me and personal enjoyment from interacting with department leadership, faculty, and graduate students relative to their research interests.