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Washington State University
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Frequently Asked Questions (Graduate Program)

How do I apply for Graduate School?

You can apply to our graduate program via the Graduate School website.

Is a Master’s Degree needed before applying for a PHD?

No, we do not require you to have a masters degree before applying to our Ph.D. degree. As long as you have an accredited 4 year bachelor’s degree you are eligible to apply our Ph.D. program.

Can I still apply for a CHE degree, even if I don’t have a former CHE degree?

Yes. We will accept applicants from other fields. However, depending on the coursework previously taken, you will be required to take undergraduate prerequisite courses, before enrollment in the graduate level courses is allowed. See our list of required undergraduate prerequisites via our “conversion program”. (insert link to Course Descriptions & Graduate Curricula page.

What TOEFL score do you accept?

TOEFL scores must be at least 550 paper–based, 213 computer–based, or 80 for internet–based. Scores must be sent via ETS to be considered official. We will also accept IELTS scores, but you must receive a 7.0 or higher. Scores must be sent directly from IELTS to be official. Our university school code to have the official scores sent to is: 4705.

Do I need to send my GRE scores?

No, our department does not require GRE scores.

How many students do you admit?

The number of students admitted varies every year, as admission into our program depends on the availability of funds the program has for that year.

What is the application deadline?

Your application and supporting materials must be submitted by January 10th. Example: if you are applying for FALL 2019, then the deadline is January 10, 2019.

Where do I send my official documents?

All official documents should be sent to the Graduate School Admissions office:
Washington State University
Graduate School

PO BOX 641030
324 French Ad. Grimes Way
Pullman WA 99164-1030

List of Required Documents for Review

  • Application
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcripts – showing complete work and awarding of degree (if available)
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS scores (for international students only)

When will I know if I have been admitted or denied?

There is no deadline for notification. The VSCEB faculty try to have their first round offers made by the end of February. The second round offers and denials are made after April 15th. Once a decision has been made, we will inform the Graduate School of our recommendation. The Graduate School will then send you a letter indication the final decision.

Can I apply to more than one degree program?

There is no limit on how many degree programs you can apply to. However, be aware that if you are applying to more than three degree programs, our department will question whether you are interested in our program.

What kind of a computer/laptop do I need?

Please see the Computer Requirement page.

Graduate Contact Information

Graduate School Contact Information

Graduate School
PO BOX 641030
324 French Ad. Grimes Way
Pullman WA 99164-6424

Chemical Engineering Department Contact

Samantha Bailey
PO BOX 646515
Wegner Hall, 1505 SE Stadium Way
Pullman WA 99164-6515