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Washington State University
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Lonnie Wilson’s Book, How to Implement Lean Manufacturing, a Bestseller

Book: How to Implement Lean Manufacturing, by Lonnie Wilson

We are proud of Voiland School alumnus, Lonnie Wilson, whose book was recently listed as the best seller in the “Industrial, Manufacturing & Operational Systems: Quality Control” category at Amazon. How to Implement Lean Manufacturing is published by McGraw-Hill and is a practical, hands-on guide to lean manufacturing. Readers have praised Lonnie for his explanations that take the mystery out of the lean manufacturing process.

McGraw-Hill says: “Wilson’s real-world resource offers proven solutions for implementing lean manufacturing in an enterprise environment, covering the engineering and production aspects as well as the business culture concerns. Filled with detailed examples, the book focuses on the rapid application of lean principles so that large, early financial gains can be made.

“Lonnie Wilson graduated from WSU’s Voiland School in 1969 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He has been teaching and implementing Lean techniques for more than 39 years. His experience spans 20 years with an international oil company where he held a number of management positions. In 1990 he founded Quality Consultants which teaches and applies Lean techniques to small entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 firms, principally in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.”