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Washington State University
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Pre-Travel: Create Spend Authorization in Workday

PDF Download: Pre-Travel: Create Spend Authorization in Workday

1.  Search for “Create Spend Authorization” in Workday. Select the Create Spend Authorization task to create a spend authorization for yourself.

Select create spend authorization from the search results.

2.  Enter the required Spend Authorization Information

  • Company: Always WSU
  • Start Date: Beginning date of travel
  • End Date: End date of travel
  • Description: Reason for traveling/destination
  • Business Purpose: Use the drop-down menu to select purpose (i.e. conference)
  • Enter the required Spend Authorization Details
  • Reimbursement Payment Type: Check, Direct Deposit, or Wire
  • Justification: Use this box if you need to include additional details about your trip

3.  Under Spend Authorization Lines select the add button. Then add the estimated cost of any airfare, lodging, meals, mileage, and other travel expenses. You must enter at least one line of expenses into the spend authorization.

*Note: The mileage is based on the main destination. If your travel is out-of-state but you are driving in-state to the airport, you must use out-of-state private auto mileage as the expense item.

Expense item notes:

  • For lodging and meals always use the per diem option
  • Do not use “lump sum”
  • “Z” Coding is used for daily expenses only

4.  Submit for review and approval.

5.  Once you have returned from your travel, you will create an expense report for reimbursement.