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Research of Yong Wang: Publications



  • L.Zhang, S.Wan, C.Du, Q.Wan, H.Pham, J.Zhao, X.Ding, D.Wei, W.Zhao, J.Li, Y.Zheng, H.Xie, H.Zhang, M.Chen, K.H. L. Zhang, S.Wang, J.Lin, J.Huang, S.Lin, Y.Wang, A.K. Datye, Y.Wang, H.Xiong, “Generating active metal/oxide reverse interfaces through coordinated migration of single atoms”, Nature Comm., 2024, 15, 1234.
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  • R.Zhang, J.Li, A.L.Tonkovich, C.Lockhart, X.Wang, W.Hu H.Karroum, M.Seabaugh, N.Kruse, Y.Wang, “Highly productive and robust core@shell HeatPath SiC-Al2O3@Co/Re/Al2O3 catalyst for Fischer–Tropsch synthesis”, Applied Catalysis A: General, 2023, DOI: 10.1016/j.apcata.2023.119419.
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