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The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Faculty & Staff

Interim Director

NameEmailResearch Focus
Alla Kostyukova
Interim Director & The Paul Hohenschuh Distinguished Professor in Chemical Engineering
alla.kostyukova@wsu.eduRegulation of actin dynamics by actin-binding proteins, protein structure and protein-protein interactions, protein engineering, circular dichroism

Named Professors

NameEmailResearch Focus
Norbert Kruse
Voiland Distinguished Professor
norbert.kruse@wsu.eduHeterogeneous catalysis: from fundamentals to industrial applications
Yong Wang
Voiland Distinguished Professor
Development of novel catalytic materials and reaction engineering for the conversion of fossil and biomass feedstocks to fuels and chemicals


NameEmailResearch Focus
Birgitte Ahring
Bioproduct Sciences & Engineering Laboratory (BSEL)
bka@wsu.eduMicrobiology, biomass conversion to biofuels and high-value bioproducts
Haluk Beyenal
Su Ha
Professor / Director, O.H. Reaugh Laboratory for Oil and Gas Research
suha@wsu.eduEnergy generations from alternative fuels
James Petersen
jn_petersen@wsu.eduBioremediation of contaminated aqueous systems, modeling of biological processing operations and on-line optimization of biological processes
Peter Pfromm
peter.pfromm@wsu.eduAdvancing engineering research in fundamental and applied aspects
Mary Rezac
Professor, Dean of the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
mary.rezac@wsu.eduMolecular-level fundamentals of new separation processes; integration of this knowledge with industrial scale processes
Kirk Schulz
Professor, President of Washington State University
PresidentsOffice@wsu.eduCatalysis, surface science, materials science
Bernard Van Wie
bvanwie@wsu.eduBiotechnology including biosensors and bioanalytical devices, cell and tissue culture, engineering education research

Associate Professors

NameEmailResearch Focus
Wen-ji Dong
Associate Professor
dongwenji@wsu.eduCardiac muscle biology and mechanics, protein chemistry and engineering, fluorescence techniques, computer modeling, nanoscale biosensor design and engineering
David Lin
Associate Professor
davidlin@wsu.eduIntegrated mechanical properties of skeletal muscle and spinal reflexes
Hongfei Lin
Associate Professor
hongfei.lin@wsu.eduCatalyst synthesis and application; catalytic conversion of biomass; CO2 reduction; renewable hydrogen production; fuel cell electrocatalysis; advanced functional nanomaterials; photocatalysis
Jean-Sabin McEwen
Associate Professor
js.mcewen AT wsu.eduAtomistic modeling of catalytic processes for energy applications
Steven R. Saunders
Associate Director & Associate Professor
steven.r.saunders@wsu.eduNanotechnology for novel catalytic systems, sustainable solvent technologies
Anita Vasavada
Associate Professor
vasavada@wsu.eduBiomechanics and neural control of the musculoskeletal system, focusing on the human head and neck system
Xiao Zhang
Associate Professor
x.zhang@wsu.eduBiomass chemistry, biomass conversion to bioproducts and bioenergy

Assistant Professors

NameEmailResearch Focus
David Thiessen
Assistant Professor (Career Track)
thiessen@wsu.eduFluid mechanics of drops, bubbles, and capillary channels, applications in microgravity
Dmitri Tolkatchev
Assistant Professor (Career Track)
dmitri.tolkatchev@wsu.eduProtein chemistry and structure, protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions; protein engineering; protein NMR
Di Wu
Assistant Professor & Founding Director of Alexandra Navrotsky Institute for Experimental Thermodynamics
d.wu@wsu.eduHeterogeneous catalysis, porous materials, surface science, materials chemistry, thermodynamics, nanogeoscience and nanotechnology
Xianglong Wang
Assistant Professor (Career Track) Detection and Diagnostics with Machine Learning

Emeritus Faculty

NameEmailResearch Focus
Denny Davis
Emeritus Professor
dennycdavis73@gmail.comEngineering education, design education and assessment, engineering entrepreneurship, engineering for K–12 education, pedagogies for innovation and professional development
Howard Davis
Emeritus Professor
davish@wsu.eduEngineering and entrepreneurship pedagogy, technology development and clinical applications of biomedical instrumentation
Cornelius F. Ivory
Emeritus Professor
cfivory@wsu.eduElectrofocusing, forensic microelectrophoresis, nanochannel separations, diagnostic microfluidic devices, microchannel sample preparation
KNona Liddell
Emeritus Professor
liddell@wsu.eduElectrochemical kinetics and reactor design; Applications to environmental problems and materials processing
R. Mahalingam
Emeritus Professor
Reid Miller
Emeritus Professor
William J. Thomson
Emeritus Professor
Richard Zollars
Emeritus Professor
rzollars@wsu.eduColloidal phenomena/interfacial phenomena, multiphase heat transfer, engineering education

Research Professors

NameEmailResearch Focus
Junming Sun
Assistant Research Professor
junming.sun@wsu.eduBio-mass conversion, catalytic bio-oil upgrading, hydrogen and fuel production by ethanol steam reforming, nano-catalysis, and synthesis of nano-metal/metal oxide
Oscar Marin-Flores
Assistant Research Professor
omarinflores@wsu.eduBiomass conversion, hydrogen production for fuel cells applications via reforming of liquid fuels, direct solid oxide fuel cells, mathematical modeling of fuel cell systems, photocatalytic/electrochemical processes for CO2 mitigation

Adjunct Faculty

NameEmailResearch Focus
Aaron Wrightaaron.wright@pnnl.govActivity-based protein profiling of microbes and microbial communities involved in biofuel production and drug metabolism
Bert Tannerbertrand.tanner@wsu.eduNormal, mutated, and diseased proteins that influence muscle contraction and relaxation
David Heldebrant
david.heldebrant@pnnl.govDesign and development of switchable ionic liquids that chemically capture acid gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from power plant gas emissions; Amine Boranes as potential high energy density fuels for hydrogen fuel cells
Jian Zhi
Louis Scudieroscudiero@wsu.eduModel layered bimetallic materials and core-shell and alloy nanoparticles for formic acid oxidation for portable fuel cells (DFAFCs)
M. Grant Nortonmg_norton@wsu.eduCeramic materials, nanotechnology, and clean technology
Manuel Garcia-Perez
mgarcia-perez@wsu.eduBiomass thermochemical conversion (torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification and combustion); development and testing of new bio-oil refineries to produce advanced bio-fuels and bio-chemicals; environmental impact of thermochemical processes
Murali Chandramurali@vetmed.wsu.eduUnderstanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for regulation of the contractile machinery of heart muscle cells, and how myofilament remodeling is linked to pathogenesis of heart diseases
Olga A.
Venky Prabhakaranvenky@pnnl.govPredictive design of electrochemical interfaces in ion separation, energy storage, electrochemical energy conversion, and corrosion science
Zdenek Dohnalekzdenek.dohnalek@wsu.eduExperimental studies of fundamental model systems that are necessary to understand complex processes that take place in heterogeneous catalysis and environment


Billy Schmuck
Laboratory Coordinator
bschmuck@wsu.edu509-335-4776147 Wegner Hall
Kate Konen
IT System Administrator
kate.konen@wsu.edu509-335-8039249 Wegner Hall
Lael Gray
Administrative Manager
l.gray@wsu.edu509-335-4731105G Wegner Hall
Malena Braatne-Millstein
Administrative Assistant 1
m.braatne@wsu.edu509-335-3151107N Wegner Hall
Maria Greaney Curry
Academic (Undergraduate) Coordinator
mgreaney@wsu.edu509-335-1041105B Wegner Hall
Nicole Leavitt
Fiscal Analyst 1
nicole.leavitt@wsu.edu509-335-3205105D Wegner Hall
Samantha Bailey
Academic (Graduate) Coordinator
samantha.bailey@wsu.edu509-335-4001105E Wegner Hall
Tucson Smith
Fiscal Analyst 3
smitht@wsu.edu509-335-3811105H Wegner Hall

Postdoctoral Research Associates

NameEmailResearch Focus
Benjamin (Jamie)
Dong Jiangdong.jiang@wsu.eduLow-temperature catalytic combustion; Single-atom catalysts (SACs), Ammonia (NH3) synthesis, Mayenite (C12A7) compounds (oxide, electride, and hydride)
Yixiao catalysis and reaction engineering study for efficient glucose transformation